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FHDA Enrollment Trends 2014

Scorecard and District Metrics Presentation to the Board August 2013

FHDA FTES Trends 2013

FHDA Enrollment Reporting Approach 2013 (CISOA)

Enrollment Changes (June 2012)


Foothill and De Anza College Accreditation Survey Fall 2010
Foothill Student Survey Results
Foothill Employee Survey Results
De Anza Student Survey Results
De Anza Employee Survey Results


Foothill and De Anza College Smoking Survey Fall 2010

Smoking Survey Results

Foothill-De Anza College Smoking Survey Fall 2011

Fall 2011 Smoking Survey Results


Economic Impact Study



Community Survey Spring 2010

Selected Results

Santa Clara County Population Projections - Board Presentation

Last updated March 13, 2014




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