ResearchInstitutional Research Outcomes

Institutional Research Outcomes

After working with Institutional Research staff on projects requiring at least 2 hours of discussion, Faculty and Staff at FHDA will be able to:ยท

- Articulate 3 questions important to ask when starting a research project at FHDA.

- Interpret and draw correct conclusions from a cross tabulation of descriptive statistics such as course success rates by ethnicity.

- Utilize data provided by the IR office to enhance programs and services.

AUO Assessment Cycle, November 6, 2012


Plan, organize, design, define, collect, analyze, maintain, and disseminate research, information, and data about the functioning and performance of the district, its colleges, its programs, and its students. The office provides reports, research, and institutional data that enable administrators, faculty and staff to support the mission and achieve the goals of the district, thereby continually improving student learning and success and services to the community. The office provides leadership for integrating research and planning into college activities including enrollment management, program review, curriculum development, class offerings, and resource allocation. The office supports and cultivates a culture of evidence for decision-making and improvement. Specifically, the office:

  • Serves as a primary contact with state and federal agencies with respect to information reporting,
  • Develops and publishes standard reports of institutional information and responds to external surveys/questionnaires,
  • Maintains a research Web site that provides internal and external communities information about the district and its colleges including that reported to various agencies,
  • Maintains and continuously improves an institutional data system that provides accurate, consistent, accessible data to information users,
  • Provides planning and analytical support for decision-making,
  • Works collaboratively with internal and external clients and providers to ensure efficiency and uniformity of information,
  • Develops and conducts user surveys,
  • Provides expertise in research design, survey methodology, and analysis and interpretation of data,
  • Prepares detailed reports including student demographics and enrollment trends, faculty load and productivity, socioeconomic and labor market trends and projections at the local and state issues.

The institutional research and planning function and office produces a comprehensive range of information, data, and research for decision-making, planning, evaluation, and reporting that is

  • Accessible, reliable, consistent, useable, and user friendly, for deepening our culture of evidence in which we understand that we can and will improve student learning and success and our impact on the community, in which improvement is made possible by and is measured by comprehensive and effective use of objective evidence in the form of data, analysis, and research.